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BruceCO Design: Marketing Designed to Fuel your BusinessAt BruceCO Design we help manufacturers and small businesses do more with their marketing budgets.

We build marketing strategies and tactical implementations around your objectives, your capabilities, your culture, and your values. We understand the marketing challenges that manufacturers and business owners face, and we provide expert-level solutions including brand development, website development, product and product launch development, business process development, creative direction, and marketing management.

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BruceCO Design can help. Let us tailor a unique solution to meet your marketing initiative and provide critical fuel to your business.

About Bruce

Bruce Prock

Bruce Prock is a seasoned, hands-on marketer who thrives on seeing businesses succeed. His cross-functional approach stems from several decades of manufacturer-based, customer-centric marketing designed to generate product demand and drive revenue. He understands that every business aspect from design to manufacture, to sourcing, positioning, and distribution, can add bottom-line value to customers, products, and producers. More about Bruce…

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